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The House of Streams is a center of learning

                                                    focused on empowering business and corporate professionals with educational tools to enhance mental wellness, provide invaluable marketing strategies and assist with monetizing their passions. Our online center provides one-of-a-kind learning experiences and events to give a fresh modern approach to learning.

Our center goes beyond boring traditional classrooms. Students can expect fun and interactive courses and skillfully curated VIP learning networking events. 

Our learning experiences are customized to address the individual needs of our students and incorporate mental wellness applications to help build the confidence necessary to be successful in their passions. 


The House of Streams has a variety of topics
to explore such as

Boss Brainstorming Mastermind Events 

Brain Based Branding


Events and Retreats

 Independent Contractor Education Course

Unlearning Toxic Habits and Mindsets

Radical Self Care & Discovering your True Self 

Monetizing your Passions & Financial Literacy 

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