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NneNna Carr is a high-energy speaker with a natural ability to connect with virtually anyone. 

She captivating blend of motivational speaker,comedian, marketing/branding expert, and storyteller who naturally curates unforgettable experiences no matter the subject.

NneNna’s wide range of life experiences helps bring a unique and entertaining perspective on a variety of subjects:

  • Life Motivation/Relationship  

  • Journey to quitting your 9-5

  • Special needs/single parenting 

  • Veteran issues/transitioning from the military 

  • Sexual assault/domestic violence survivor 

  • Monetizing your passion 

  • Creating profitable streams of income

  • Serial Entrepreneurship tips and advice

  • Starting/growing a cleaning company 

  • Business and personal branding  

  • And more!

NneNna is a speaker who is never afraid to tell it like is and will capture the minds and hearts of your audience. Book NneNna for your next event today!

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