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Meet Nnenna

Welcome! I'm Nne-Nna Carr, aka the Kween of Streams. Originally from Oklahoma, now based in DC. I'm an Autism mom, 14-year U.S. Air Force Vet, serial entrepreneur, and behavior coach, who specializes in behavioral transformation coaching and behavioral marketing strategy.


I earned my Kween of Streams title by mastering monetization and managing diverse brands, I hold a Sales and Advertising bachelor's and I'm pursuing an MBA with a Marketing focus

I'm the force behind The House of Streams, where I share my winning strategies and empower students through exclusive networking and learning opportunities.

I am the CEO of Kweens Kleaning, a cleaning concierge service centered on mentall wellness. The goal of Kweens Kleaning is to clean homes while championing mental wellness for a spotless environment inside and out.

I am the Co-founder of Onward Empowerment Group, we're all about women empowering women, creating a safe haven to achieve the extraordinary.

I'm also a motivational speaker, using my life's journey to inspire others. I help break free from limiting beliefs and craft a life on your terms.

In short, I live what I love and offer solutions for anything you need. Let's dive in and make things happen!

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